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good_stargate's Journal

Good Stargate Icons
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A community for good Stargate icons. You must apply for posting access.
welcome | welcome to Good Stargate Icons, an application-only icon community that features the artwork of talented artists within the Stargate fandoms. Please read all the rules. If you do not wish to post, simply watch the community for updates.
rules and guidelines | 1. be kind and respectful of the community members and your moderators. | 2. if posting icons with spoilers (SGA season 5; SG1 Continuum), please place behind cut with a warning. | 3. larger images and more than four icons should be placed behind a cut for courtesy towards members with slower connections. | 4. apply for posting access here and make sure to include "what is an oprah" as your subject line. | 5. credit the proper icon maker and respect their personal wishes. layout