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mod post

Hello! Just a quick update to let everyone know the status of the community and some changes we're going to have.

Your mods as of now are:
and navras_rheya

And currently, you need two out of four mods to approve of your application. (Mods, there are currently two applications that need one more approval, thank you)

+ From now on when you post, please try to add a tag with your username so that way, if someone is interested in seeing more of your work in the future when the community is more filled, there will be easy access for them. If you forget, not a big deal, the mods will probably edit your tags for you. But please try to remember, saves us some work. :)

+ Please start posting! And feel free to post one or two of your old batches as well. The more the merrier. And please, if you'd like, pimp the community. I'd love to bring in as many artists and watchers as possible, and look forward to seeing the community grow.

You can use this button to pimp. Don't worry about hotlinking.

+ If you'd like to affiliate, comment here.

+ If you have any suggestions for the community, comment here.

Thanks guys, and welcome to new members! :)
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